Authorized Arvada Weight Loss Clinic

The Method

• Medically developed, sensible weight loss protocol
• Primarily promotes fat loss, while supporting muscle mass
• Education for post diet weight maintenance
• One-on-one weight loss coaching

The Products

A variety of incomparable gourmet flavors:
• Drinks
• Breakfasts
• Entrées
• Desserts
• Puddings and Jelly
• Soy Snacks
• Bars
• Ready-to-Serve

The Service

• Our medically developed protocol is only available from qualified professionals
• One-on-one weight loss coaching for educational support and motivation
• Smarter eating and balanced lifestyle education to promote weight stabilization
• Weekly weight and body measurements analysis, and much more

The Success

• Lose a safe amount of weight each week until your goal is reached
• Read actual former client success stories on the right of this page!

New Client Paperwork

Please print and fill out the Health Profile below prior to your initial consultation. The Health Profile must be completed in its entirety before beginning the Weight Loss Program. You may bring it with you to your initial consultation, or you may fax it to us at (303) 424-7389.

If you have any questions about filling out the Health Profile or are having problems downloading the form and would like it mailed or faxed to you, please call us at (303) 424-9549.

Remember to bring your photo ID so we can make a copy for our files.

Click to Download and Print Ideal Protein Weight Loss Health Profile - Ideal_Protein_Health_Profile.pdf


Need to Order Food?

Click below for an Excel Spreadsheet that you may fill out to place a Food order. You may Fax the form to (303) 424-7389 or Email to

Click to Download and Print: Ideal Protein Order Form


To better understand the Ideal Protein Weight Loss method click here.

Client Success Stories:

Dianne - Lost 110 lbs.

"I can't begin to say enough positive things about this. I really feel it's given me 20 years and a lot of self-confidence back."

Hal - Lost 109 lbs.

"Without Dr. Welling's monitoring and encouragement it wouldn't have worked."

Joyce - Lost 47 lbs. 

"I was hesitant to do another diet, but it has proved to be worth every penny. I feel better and have more energy."

John - Lost 49 lbs.

"I no longer have acid reflux and have been able to stop both my high blood pressure and diabetes medicine. I'm glad my wife and I started the program."

Dennis - Lost 118 lbs.

"My compliments to Dr. Welling and staff. I have not felt healthier in many years. It is the only successful program I've been involved with."

Judy - Lost 45 lbs.

"It's easy to do. I would recommend it to anyone who has tried to lose weight."